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I am Madeleine Connor, and I'm running for Judge of the 419th District Court of Travis County. I am a single mom, domestic abuse survivor, and a self-made lawyer. I believe my accomplishments can help other single, abused women get out of their abusive situations and succeed in their professional goals as well. So, thank you for taking the time to browse my site and learn more about my background, my extensive appellate and trial experience, my judicial philosophy, and my long-term commitment to public service.

Because I have practiced before the Travis County Courts for the last eighteen years, handling matters from civil rights, to family, to employment discrimination, mostly for the underdog, I am the only candidate in this race who has the unique perspective of what a real David vs. Goliath case is like in these courts. I have devoted my entire career to ensuring that litigants get their day in court; that they are treated fairly; and that they receive due process.

In this regard, I have many concerns and issues I’d like to draw your attention to: the recent trend of incivility amongst court litigants and their lawyers, the now commonplace misapplication of tort-reform laws to “pour out” the little guy (or gal), and the revival of “scorched earth” litigation practices by a small but powerful sector of the civil defense bar.

These issues, among others, have compelled me to run for this judgeship. Fighting bullies has always been in my DNA, and citizens in Texas who have been injured, slandered, or suffered some other actionable harm will get a fair shot if I’m elected—no more advantages to the powerful and/or connected! It will only be the facts and the existing law that will guide my decisions on the bench!

Due to my personal and professional experiences, and the lack of deference to the full panoply of constitutional protections by some courts, I know that I can earn your vote for this important seat on the Travis County bench. Women and other minorities (combined) make up only about 20% of the entire state bar membership—a shocking statistic! We can do better than this, and we will!

Madeleine Connor

 Madeleine Connor

Madeleine Connor

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            Attorney General, civil
            rights division
  • 0Civil and Criminal
            Litigator, serving both
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